Welcome to Stay Wired, the inspiration blog for WireKnitZ, the innovative tubular-knit copper wire! We’re hoping to inspire you with jewelry, home decor, fine art, and craft designs to get you “wired up!”


The innovative copper wire knit

WireKnitZ® – The innovative copper wire tubular knit for artisans and crafters alike. Stretch, stitch, roll, bead, braid, weave, layer and shape it – nothing goes to waste!

WireKnitZ® gives your designs structural integrity yet remains supple, flexible, and lightweight.

WireKnitZ® is available in three knit styles, two widths, two wire gauges, and is polyurethane enamel finished in a kaleidoscope of colors.

WireKnitZ® is also available in bare Stainless Steel.

WireKnitZ® is nickel free and may be gently handwashed

(And, did we mention it is addictive?)

Join the many artists and designers now incorporating WireKnitZ® in their projects. With many design applications already developed, there are still so many more to be discovered.


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